[Unity] Google Play Games Leaderboard with Images

[NOTE] This will not be a tutorial for setting up Google Play Services. This resource should help you if that’s what you need: Google Play Games


For my latest mobile game, World Soccer Juggle, I developed a way to display images tied to the Google Play Games Leaderboard.

If you want you can dive right into the code: LeaderboardManager.cs


The strategy behind my implementation is that you can include an index or key in the score you submit through the Google Play Games plugin.

It requires you to parse the leaderboard information and create your own visual but hey that’s a small price to pay for unique images!

I used this technique in my game to display which country the player was representing on the leaderboard.


One thought on “[Unity] Google Play Games Leaderboard with Images

  1. Hey and thank you so much for the code and tutorial!I was using PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.CreateLeaderboard () and somehow obtaining the scores through that pulled outdated scores but your code worked perfectly! I have one small question; how can I get the local users score and rank from a specific leaderboard? Of course in your code you could check if the scores userId matches the local user ID but it would only work if the local user is in the top 100.

    I noticed there is this ILeaderboard.localUserScore.rank but I’m not sure where to use that. Thank you in advance! 🙂

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